I have worked with some wonderful people as an Editor and they have had quite a few nice things to say about working with me! 🙂

Here are their testimonials in their own words:


Thank you for your effort. I think you have done a fantastic job. You are a tough task master, but someone who has the good of the author and the reading public at heart. I have six books to my credit before this, and no one has come anywhere close to the quality and standard of editing work that you have done.

I hope that with my future books too, I am somehow able to rope in Radhika Mukherjee as an editor, for I know that she has the intuition, the tenacity, the sincerity and the ability to transform a good book into a great book.

I wish you all the best.

Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
Author: Spirituality Bytes; Arise Awake, Make Your Child Stress Free; Managing The Unmanageable Child; and Doctor, Why Is My baby Crying?; Why Not Use Some Common Sense?

I have worked with Radhika on a number of editing projects. I find that she is sharp and precise in her work and is extremely deadline conscious. She’s an asset to have on any team.

Karthik Venkatesh
Consulting Editor
Westland Books

It’s been a blessing to have the opportunity to work with Radhika on Exit Point.

While the journey over the last few months has been an immense pleasure what is more important than the way she has handled the fragile ego of a fiction writer is the contribution and impact she has made on the story and the writing. I spent five brooding years introspecting, reading, researching and writing the first draft of this novel, living with the idiosyncrasies of my characters and having to make painful choices. I still find it hard to believe how intensely Radhika immersed herself into the story and these characters and internalized them in just a few weeks.

Her feedback and ideas in the very first iteration were extremely powerful. Some of them took the air out of my lungs at first read. Acting on them would mean revisiting some fundamental aspects of the story. I am glad I had the courage to take it up. I went back deep into my innermost recesses and hammered out a more powerful second draft. From that point Radhika took over and has gone through every scene, every line, and every word of Exit Point.

My personal experience is that writing is a visual process. A writer visualizes things which he or she captures in words. From Radhika’s feedback at every stage it’s been so evident that Radhika has been visualising the plot unfolding that in many places that I have requested her to make the edits herself because the visualization has been her own. I would go so far as to say in many ways, in such places, she has almost been a co-writer.

There are three well developed plots, along with their characters, vying for the void that is left within me now that Exit Point is done with. As I pick one and start working on it I know my character development, narrative and writing will be much more powerful because of the experience of working with Radhika on Exit Point. Radhika may or may not be available when the next one is ready but I will always look forward to the opportunity of working with her and will unhesitatingly recommend her to any writer who is looking, not for a quick fix to get his work out in print, but for an editor who can strip his work down to the bare bone and challenge him to a bold revision – and partner with him on the arduous journey from there.

Anil Goel
Author: Exit Point

I am a first time author! Well, that ‘first-time’ comes with lots to learn, along with the joy of taking that first step on a new road. Fortunately, I had Radhika to hand-hold me and guide me in my journey of publishing my first work – as an editor. Her sometimes considerate and sometimes ruthless pen made me go through – actually re-consider each word that I had chosen to convey my thoughts. I realized that an author does need ‘third-person-perspective’ glasses to refine one’s work and, every author’s need is different, and so the glasses. She just gave me the right ones! Radhika, It was truly wonderful collaborating with you on this book. I am also thankful for your timely & patient replies. All of it made the process so easy. Thank you for being a part of my small dream and making my journey so memorable. 🙂

Trishala D Shah, CA
Author: The Seller of Beliefs

I have known Radhika for a good while now and what comes across as the first thing about her, is her sincerity. My story was with her from the start till the end, and I must say that she has worked on it with maximum involvement.She has read through it, and saw it from the point of view that I wanted it to be seen. It was easy to explain to her my perspective and since she does one book at a time one can expect her full involvement regarding plot, movement, grammar and overall feel of the story.

The best thing about her critique is that she asks the right question, demands the right answers and finds out the nuances that could only make the story and the structure better. Her critique is not demoralizing and she has a knack for finding out exactly what the writer wants to say and she only says it better.

Taking her critique has helped me making a first draft into a polished structured work that can be submitted. I have only good things to say about her and cannot recommend her more.

Shaeri Datta


At the outset I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts in developing the final manuscript, that more than meets the objective of the book. The complex nature of the subject with data and technical details, demanded considerable effort and time.Your interest and involvement in grasping the essence of the subject and understanding of the readers perspective helped refine the contents to communicate in clear and simple language. Working with you on the project has been a rewarding and satisfying experience.

PRN Mohan
Author, Thinking Made Easy