Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows Cover_social mediaDo you break out of the shadows or do you let the shadows break you?

That’s the central question explored in Broken Shadows.

Broken Shadows is a collection of 12 tiny, intense tales of isolation and discovery. Told in fluid, direct, ungendered, abstract prose, these stories are depictions of the self’s deepest, most painful, most vulnerable moments, along with its fledgling triumphs.

Told through the protagonist’s intensely personal, idiosyncratic (interior) monologue, the moments are arranged thematically. You read about the essentially solitary, shadowy essence of the self as it navigates pain, war, art, homelessness, addiction, betrayal, etc. along with the intransigence of its own nature.

Going beyond gender, beyond ethnicity, these snapshots of ephemeral moments are an exercise in understanding the universal through the specific.

It’s all about merging into a fleeting, shadowy moment and tracing how it turns on itself.

If you’ve ever been hurt, ever felt bewildered by the world, ever felt it was all just too much, this is the book for you.


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Broken Shadows (Shadow Stories Book 2) is like no other anthology I have ever read…. I recommend Broken Shadows unreservedly.

Amazing 5-Star Professional Review by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite.

By the time one reads the first page of the first chapter, a perfumed, heavenly sense envelopes the reader… This book is a literary treat. Not in a hurry, with love, with respect, after one has washed the soul. You need to be ready to receive this.

Wonderful Review on Saket Suresh’s Blog

The stories in this collection exist between the “cusp of light and dark” and so do the characters – all of them are facing the decisive moment when things could change for them for better or worse… the stories manage to rise above the mundane and connect with the ethereal.

Awesome 5-Star Review on Goodreads By Ankur



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