What Is A Radhika?

Radhika (Bitia) Bodhisattwa Mukherjee

Dreamer, writer, inspiration hunter, baby laughter machine, linen collector, thinker, world creator, myth-maker, magic whisperer, former cat mom, long hair keeper, dog lover, dog nurse, city person who craves green and sky, language innovator, tree hugger, smiler, delight addict, inner child panderer, bathroom dancer, inveterate hummer, constant song-in-my-head player, incurable planner, baby craver, pilgrim of learning, soul listener, alone crier, constant reader, sometimes better writer than speaker, people craver, people distanceerer, aloneness addict, stillness maker, keen observer, sunset-collector, cloud celebrator, frustrated film-maker, detail forgetter, word drunkard, creativity-high junkie, laid-back easy goer, hawk-eyed editor, professional doggy calmer, sometimes grammar nazi, language innovator, uniqueness hunter, beauty seeker, mild sarcasm dispenser, soft speaker, sharp analyzer, former blocked writer, recovering brain-burn patient, too much inspiration don’t know where to turn-er, shape-space-sound responder, tactility collector, kissing spreer, once-a-singer, phone lingerer, vanilla reveller, green-smell remember-er, moon-crazy, sea-infinity celebrator, mountain awed, life absorber, sentence bender, uniqueness hunter, music mystic, natural healing ingredients finder, long eyelashes wisher…

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