An Invitation To Join My Email Newsletter

Tomorrow is going to be awesome! It’s an extra-special day in my life and I am going to send out my very first email newsletter.

It feels amazing to be starting on this new, more personal medium of communication with my friends and readers.

You’re going to be a part of this cooler-than-cool trip, right? I promise to cherish and keep your email address safe!

If you sign-up, every month, you’ll receive a long newsletter chock-full of amazingness!

You’ll get links to the best of my online publications. A behind the scenes look at how my books and other creative projects are evolving. I’ll be sharing the vital creative lessons I’m learning on the way to fulfilling my dreams. You’ll receive first notification of all news. And lots of freebies and exclusive content, that comes straight from the soul! You’ll even be able to weigh-in with your thoughts and opinions.

Sounds good?

Sign-up right now!

And if you do, you’ll also find out why 2nd of May is so extra-special for me! 🙂

Here’s the link again!

Talk tomorrow!

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