The Radiant Reviews Of Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows, the book of micro fiction, with its 12 intense, abstract stories, I released last month, has garnered a few wonderful reviews! 🙂

Broken Shadows

Two reviews especially, are reviews I could only dream of as a writer. It is as if the shards of my soul I put out there into the world met their perfectly resonating complements in these two readers.

The first review I’d like to bring to your attention is by Saket Suresh. The main review is hosted on his blog Love, Life & Happiness and can only be described as an explosion of empathy and generosity!

To quote from the review:

“If one has picked up this book in passing, by the time one reads the first page of the first chapter, a perfumed, heavenly sense envelopes the reader. To me the most lovely prose is the one which melts into poetry. It is bit more handsome than poetry, less delicate, but as beautiful and as accurate. Radhika effortlessly attains that which essentially evidences the effort that would have gone into it, not visible to the reader.”

Read the full review!

Happy Dance!!

The second review which made me break into another happy dance is by Ankur Surin. You can check out his lovely blog here. His review was posted on the Goodreads page of Broken Shadows and he just ‘got’ it, you know? It was amazing!

To quote the part of the review that just blew my mind:

“I call the characters ‘selves’ because I could identify with a couple of the ‘selves’ and I am sure other readers will share the same experience. One of the reasons for this easy identification is that the selves are grounded in reality. They are like the-everyday-us, doing everyday things and going through daily torment. Yet the stories manage to rise above the mundane and connect with the ethereal.”

Read the full review!

After such stellar recommendations, I hope you’ll check out the book?

You can read the first two stories by clicking on this link.

Here are all the buying links:

(Broken Shadows is available in eBook form only.)

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Thank you! 🙂

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