It Is Release Day! Broken Shadows Is Live!

Broken Shadows, a collection of 12 intense, artistic Shadow Stories,  has officially been released on Amazon in all territories!

Here the link:


And it’s received a rave review!

It is such a happy release day!! I’ve literally been alternately dazed and dancing all over the house.

Let me share the introduction to the book with you:

Introduction to Broken Shadows

Broken Shadows is my second collection of Shadow Stories. The first collection was Our Particular Shadows, published initially in 2013. The Shadow Stories are a form of ephemeral storytelling that seemed to arise of its own volition, and which bypass light and dark to explore the shadowy regions of the deepest self.
Each story, which ranges between 500 to 1000 words, features an unnamed protagonist, to whom you can assign the gender of your choosing. Told in the voice of the central characters, the stories in Broken Shadows trace the trajectory of intensely personal, significant moments.
It is the self speaking to and for itself – no mediation, no subterfuge. Just a questing mind seeking to understand itself and the world. Sometimes, even hidden from itself; balanced on the cusp of a glimmer of truth.
These stories, though short, are by no means an easy-breezy read. There are layers of experience packed into single phrases, which are redolent with connotation and scope for interpretation. You may find that more than one reading is required to ‘get’ the form and format of this genre of stories. When you do, there are rewards galore!


I hope you will take a look at Broken Shadows!


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