Announcing My New Short Story Collection: Broken Shadows

Sometimes, healing comes only through brokenness.

That’s the main theme of my new collection of short fiction, Broken Shadows.

These are 12 short tales in Broken Shadows, linked in pairs, which explore how survival, destruction, depression, creativity, technology, etc. affects the core of the self. A picture emerges of the deepest self as it wages a battle for itself.

These are all journeys into exploring the essential ‘I’ as it navigates the world in fear, hurt, love and hope.

This is a follow up in terms of style and substance to my first collection, Our Particular Shadows, and two more books are planned in this series of Shadow Stories.

So Our Particular Shadows was Shadow Stories #1, while Broken Shadows is Shadow Stories #2.

For Broken Shadows, I selected carefully from all the stories I had written over the past six months and then arranged them just so. The stories flow from question to question and provide the echoes of an answer.

I am so looking forward to you reading them!

The release date is set tentatively for March 2016.

Would you like to read and review Broken Shadows?

This is for online reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

If yes, I can send across a free PDF copy of the manuscript to you via e-mail. And I’ll let you know when the book is live so you can post your reviews on the sites.

What you do say?



I knew it, you’re the coolest!

Just fill in the google form given in the link below and I’ll contact you in a jiffy:

Click Here!

See you on the other side! 🙂


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