Celebrating Bloggers: 3 Amazing Posts of Mountains and Snow

Winter seems to be on its way out where I live. There is a little zing in the afternoon sun, the air is milder. One can almost taste the spring, lurking a little shy, in the wings of the weather. So I thought, why not pay homage to old man winter through a few amazing blog posts on snow and craggy mountains and the sheer delight of the cool mountain air!


This post will make you fall in love with winter. A fairyland experience, this post.

A Love Letter to the Norwegian Winter

By Trini Lind


Breathtaking photos! Like a glimpse of the divine… (Overall, a magical blog of a girl fulfilling her dream of travel, writing and photographing. She may in fact be my Yoda.)

My Mt. Everest

By Kirsten Smith


A real-life mountain climbing experience with rich detail and loads of photos!

Japan Travel – Climbing and Conquering Mt. Fuji

By Hilton


Enjoy! 🙂

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Photo credit: Pixabay.com

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