Wishes for 2016!

Happy New Year, dear friends! 🙂

How special are you going to make 2016?

These are my 2016 wishes:

For The World:

  • Peace and empathy between each of us and all nations
  • Forests and seas protected and marine, plant and animal life improved exponentially.
  • A sense of joy pervading us all, as part of world culture.

For Writers:

  • May more and more people read, and read our books/stories/poems/articles!
  • May traditional publishing value writers more and more.
  • May self-publishing become an even stronger career path for the entrepreneurial.

 For My Writing:

  • To consolidate the progress made and finally finish and release Rackety and the Beauty Spell.
  • To release 4 books in 2016, comprising poetry, short stories and novel/s.
  • To continue to work steadily to execute my stable of ideas.

Bonus Wish: That I find some readers! 🙂

Wish you the most wonderful, joyful, blissful, fulfilling 2016!! Make it your best ever year!!

And please plant at least one tree in 2016!

What’s your dearest wish for 2016?

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