The Gifts The Universe Has Given Me

At the end of this year, 2015 – a transformative year – in this season of gifts, I’d like to share with you, in the spirit of SONO GRATA (Italian for: I am grateful*), the gifts that permeate my life.

So, Universe: Hello. Namaste. I would like to thank you for:

My Ma

My Nikhil

Books and stories and their writers. Oh so many writers am I unbelievably grateful for! (Special shout out to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.)



This mind of mine

The ability to laugh and smile

The ability to cry


The unbelievable joy of the act of writing

The sky, clouds, sunsets and sunrises



The power and beauty of the cycle of nature

Human ingenuity and creativity

Acts of giving and kindness

Those essential conversations – digital and tangible

The internet

Blogging and other bloggers: have kept me going for so many years

That feeling that people care about you

The ancient wisdom of India, native Americans, Japan…

All the struggles I have ever faced: family, financial, emotional, creative – it is through fire that one smelts the pure ore

Babies, all babies – human, animal, plant. Babies remind us of a purer state of being, they make us smile and laugh and make our hearts expand. That’s magic!

Stuffed toys: they make me smile

Sketching and coloring: strangely therapeutic

My trusty old Dell laptop, still going strong after 4 years; notwithstanding a keyboard and battery change.

Loose sheaves of paper, my numerous notebooks, Evernote, MS Word, Pages, pilot pens, drawing pencils: so important for the working writer.

My study (a.k.a. the spare bedroom), with my tiny desk and chair, an armchair and shelves of books.

Photography: is like little presents of beauty and meaning the world gives you through the lens.

The numerous talented photographers on 500px, 1px, Instagram and WordPress whose works light up my day.

The generous photographers at Unsplash and Pixabay who provide their photos so freely and where I go to when I don’t have an appropriate photo of my own.

The activists who fight to make the world a better place. They need help, support and compatriots and I hope very soon to contribute more myself.

The organic farming movement and the availability of some organic produce at least. (It’s not that much more expensive to eat organic, here in India.)

The folks who are fighting to protect forests and conserve habitats. The folks planting trees.

The brave hearts who protect animals against poaching.

Virtuous cycles: we need to always aim to create virtuous cycles.

For being a woman: I think I am finally beginning to understand what it means and to celebrate my quiet, flowing strength.

For being born a woman in this time and in this country.

For India: there is so much depth here, so much potential. It both breaks and lights up my heart, this country.

My beaches: Juhu Beach in Mumbai for special memories. Goa beaches for feeling like infinite home.

My mountains: The high Himalayan mountains are a place of ecstasy for me. I will always feel like running away to Kurseong where I spent some magical childhood years.

My cities:

Kolkata, where I feel radiant and strong.

Mumbai, where I feel active and energetic.

Pune, for quiet pleasures, contemplation and lots of fresh air!

For art, debate, sport: anything that keeps us off the path of violence and war.

Meditation: though I am a beginner, it brings me a measure of peace, calm, connectedness and flow.

Dance! 🙂


What would you like to thank the universe for today?

I would be honored if you shared it with me!



Thank you for listening! This was my last post for 2015.

Happy holidays! Wish you also a very Happy New Year for 2016!

In 2016, let’s promote peace and harmony.

Let’s plant many, many trees.

And laugh, let’s laugh a lot! Okay?



*[Hat Tip: Elizabeth Gilbert]

4 thoughts on “The Gifts The Universe Has Given Me

  1. Lovely! I am thankful that after every nightfall, the sun rises again to give us a new days to make any wrongs right and continue to live life to the fullest. And to my family and friends from everywhere ofcourse 🙂

    Happy holidays and wishing you a brilliant 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

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