Balancing on Spider Webs

I’m running in story! I’ve been able to pick up the Rackety and the Beauty Spell  story (light fantasy fiction), after long last. The roughest of rough first drafts is hand-writing itself.

The first 3 chapters have been set out – which covers the premise and character introductions. And now, Rackety and Maya and Cherry Pie are ready to set off on an adventure across the whole world!

Just wrote a dark character and you know what? I can carry off a villainous voice! Who knew?

The plot is slowly spinning complexity around itself. Detail building upon detail. And I say, it is doing so, because while I am indeed the medium, the story itself has its own kinetic energy. Its very own sort of shape and feel.

I am getting to know my characters, bit by bit, deeper and deeper. And they are just so intent on being themselves! All my masses of notes from the last year, all the planning, seem to count for nothing! But it’s amazing when the voice, the flavour, in my mind changes from one character to the other.

I’m mainly relying on dialogue to move the action forward right now. When I type it all up, I know I will have quite a bit of filling in to do in terms of narrative.

As for the narrative, it’s the pull and push between show and tell that I’m trying to balance. I’m trying to write in an engaged and engaging narrative voice, so the story seems three-dimensional, with an energetic but comforting tone.

There is so much to give, so much to learn and discover. It is art and craft and story and sustenance and utter delight! And so very addictive, it’s scary. I’m trying to stop myself from overdoing things. To stop my imagination from burning itself out and my brain from crashing. Balance, essentially, is what I’m striving for – an easy, playful writing process.

And I’m so nervous! I’ve never read anything like this, so I’m just making it up as I’m going along. I just hope Rackety resonates with readers (pardon the serendipitous alliteration).

That’s it from the story trenches. Back to scribbling furiously!

Happy weekend! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Balancing on Spider Webs

    1. It’s a fascinating and harrowing process! Like every bit of what I am, what I’ve thought and whatever I have ever learnt, seen or imbibed is sublimating itself into the page! Thank you so much Pam! Your encouragement means the world to me! 🙂

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