What I Learned Today

Today started as a video day. While listening to Buddhist meditation music on YouTube, curled up on the sofa, the serendipity of suggestions at two remove led me to Oprah’s interviews with Thích Nhất Hạnh and J.K. Rowling. Amazing treasures to stumble across!

From Thích Nhất Hạnh came a lesson in compassion and the power of being. The inter-ness of us all and how to share our selves with compassion with the ones we love. (A lesson I have to keep on learning.)

I have often rued the violence I witnessed as a child and adolescent. Sometimes, it seems as if the violent tinge on the world will never leave. And this video made me think, what if? What if the reaction dynamics had been set to compassion, healing, generosity and empathy; instead of rage and hurtfulness and meanness and intent to destroy? A darkness I both fought and cowered from?

What if a position of radiant strength had won the day, set the agenda? What if, someone, anyone, had embraced some light?

Just the thought of the possibility of such a thing occurring acted as a balm upon these old traumas. Carved out in my mind, a new mode of action and reaction.

Not anger but compassion – a calming, serene and powerful energy.

Here’s the video:

From J.K. Rowling and Oprah’s dialogue – how to own one’s journey and power. To push for one’s dreams, the thing that burns inside of you, in spite of poverty or pressure. And to reward yourself a little, if you happen to make it! J

Here’s that video:

I also learned today, or re-learned, how sweet the rain can be. I watched the green turn intense and celebratory in the first proper rain of this parched season, and then when I went walking in the rain, in late evening, I savored the spray and the splashing and the utterly delicious rain-kissed air!

A good day, don’t you think?

What has been your most valuable learning experience recently?

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