The Question of Ecstasy

Weeks go by, shrouded in indoor sublimation.

A drowsy fuzziness.

An amiable darkness.

While the rain calls and beckons.


I slip from sleeplessness to epiphany.

Through a touch of the profound.


Oh ecstasy, how dear you are to me!

One day I glimpsed you in a heron’s white flight above a greenish-dark bamboo grove.



Utter Richness.


If only one could linger…

Could the salt doll withstand the ocean this time?


This space of consciousness, this decoupling from basic biology,

How did it arise?

Have we really transcended the basics?

Or is there a more evolved species to come?


There is a gap through which we pass,

We who search…


Is that part of the design,

Or have we just jumped; ascended inexplicably?

Who can answer?

Who can solve the puzzle for which even questions cannot be framed?

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