Saluting Cecil the Lion

Precious Freedom

This is for Cecil the Lion.

Just as this monkey roamed free from his cage, may Cecil’s spirit roam free and help stop the cowardly and cruel practice of big game hunting once and for all and bring about lasting change.

The wave of outrage worldwide has reminded us again that planet Earth is for man, animal and plant – equally.

We have to harness this energy. We have to all get serious about protecting, preserving and creating conditions so that all may flourish.

In this amazing earth, with our imagination and creativity, it is absolutely possible to create optimal lives for all.

So that animals, forests, humans and oceans can ascend millennia together.

We just have to set on that path.

***RIP Cecil***

6 thoughts on “Saluting Cecil the Lion

  1. As this shocking news unfolded, I was spending time with my beautiful 17-year old granddaughter, a lover of animals. We went to sprawling zoos and an exotic animal preserve, to animal shelters and a friend’s vast farm, and Cecil haunted us. His killing brings something very vile to the surface and makes us examine it; I hope his death has the dignity of preventing many, many others.

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          1. I have to believe you will! That’s a wonderful goal. We live near a preservation site…the group has turned land formerly used for strip mining into a wildlife preserve, where they house and nurture endangered species. They’ve re-established some almost extinct breeds. It’s an amazing thing!

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