Through Anger and Pain (The Writer Chronicles 4)

Light And Colour in The Dark By Radhika Mukherjee
Light And Colour in The Dark
(c) Radhika Mukherjee

Writing through anger and one’s deepest insecurities being activated is like trying to transport a lighted candle up a mountain through a hailstorm.

In the middle of a Zen-filled week of quietly working through obstacles and putting words on the page; reaching for the quiet joy of creating and learning to meditate – a huge fight erupted in the Writer household.

Suffice it to say, already a bit off-kilter under the effects of pain and pain medication, the Writer stayed in bed that day.

She was upset at not writing but was too upset in general to get up and write. So she didn’t. She caught up on her sleep instead.

Then they made up, take away food was eaten, movies watched, ice-cream and cake ceremoniously gobbled.

And at 12.30 am, the fresh and energetic Writer, who could be a bit of a night owl, realized she had the whole night to write in.

What a delicious thought!

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