Something Lovely

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from an author, Dr Vaidyanathan. It was an invitation to attend the release ceremony of his book that I had edited around a year ago. Since I don’t live in Mumbai anymore, I had to regretfully decline the invitation.

But then, something wonderful happened.

The author shared with me how he narrates the story of the book to friends and readers. And I share it here with you, with his permission:

“The book was conceived in 2009, because a friend told me to write a book which would raise questions. Hence the title of each chapter is WHY. The book was complete in 2010, went through several publishers who either rejected it outright, or who took it up and then gave it up halfway. Then the book went to sleep from 2011 to 2013. I was disillusioned with writing and the publishing industry. Then another friend suggested I approach Leadstart Publications, who instantly accepted. I seriously believe that when things are supposed to happen, they happen. I was happy and thought my journey was over. I was so wrong. The book was handed over to an editor, by the name of Radhika Mukherjee, and she went through the book with a fine tooth comb, and came back to me with so many queries and corrections that my first instinct was to quit. But I did not and after many corrections and revisions and changes (and after I literally felt exactly how a stalk of sugarcane must have felt after going into the juicer 3 or 4 times) the book was born in its new avatar. Looking at the final product, I cannot thank my editor Radhika Mukherjee enough, for having the vision and patience to bring the book to its current form. If ever I write my next few books, I would want no one, but Radhika to work with me as editor.”

It’s so wonderful to be appreciated for your hard work!

I thank Dr Vaidyanathan with all my heart for his kind words and hope the book does splendidly!

The book is:

Why Not Use Some Common Sense? By P.V. VAIDYANATHAN

And you can learn all about it here:

Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Something Lovely

  1. I like that he kept going and never gave up even though he felt like quitting. That’s great that you were able to help him out with your wonderful editing skills. What a lovely write-up. Congrats!


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