Time To Put Some Words In The Game

For the past few months, I’ve let life overtake me, rather than overtake life, the world, with my writing.

But today is my declaration day. Today, as in so many days before and so many days to come, I, Radhika Mukherjee, pledge allegiance anew to writing. To my art, my craft.

Let’s go into a little background:

On first November 2014, I started on a path that I then swerved violently away from.

In October 2014, without any prior preparation except wishful thinking and dreaming, without inculcating a writing/creativity habit, I decided to take part on NaNoWriMo 2014.

Come November 2014, I did have a break-through writing day but then came practicality and fear, to crash the euphoria party. And life happened…

I prioritized my editing commitments. Then to celebrate my 7th marriage anniversary and birthday, we went on a long-overdue holiday, with scrambled preparations made at the last possible minute.

Then came something I had secretly longed-for. A chance to get back to corporate life, with its reassuring managerial label and equally reassuring monthly paycheck. Which seemed to give me something to ‘be’, a sense of definition again, not an amorphous mass of writing longing…

Thinking, I can write and work, this book is light fantasy, it’ll practically write itself, I plunged into a ‘role’ again.

The creative writing – didn’t happen. I realize I cannot actually do both. In fact I cannot walk the path of practicality and creativity at the same time. I have been trying for years, it just isn’t going to happen.

Funnily enough, in this ‘role’ I wrote more than I had in the previous 2 years, for a weekly newspaper page and what are called ‘pilots’. My confidence in being a word-smithess, flooded back. Also flooded back a desire to get back to the lifeblood of my life, my stories! Of Rackety, Of Uma and so many others’!

The tag and the CTC? Didn’t seem to mean much anymore.

A dreamer should weave dreams.

A writer should write.

An artist should make art.

So cut to March 2015: I’m Baaaack!

To stay.

*Muhaaa haa ha!*

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