Oh November!

I know it’s a bit late to sing your praises November, but what a month you were! It was under your watch that I started writing again. I had my seventh marriage anniversary and birthday, which I celebrated on a beach holiday.

Here I am on the gloriously warm beach:

Radhika At the Beach
Radhika At the Beach

On the professional front, I edited. I got two editing contracts, and biggest of all – I got a job offer in a managerial position!

On the other hand November, you did not let me focus on NaNoWrimo as much as I wanted to. Though I started! Which is the secret smile I take away from your ambit. Such a terrible combination of burnout and block I had! But some writing got done! And if some got done, more may get done as well, right?

Stay with me, spirit of November as I navigate new responsibilities and new challenges. I will need the renewal you brought.

How was your November, and how’s December treating you? I’d love to hear from you!

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