NaNoWriMo 2014 Radhika Style : Day 4 to 23: A Mixed Bag of Longing and Shy Hope

What a mixed blessing hope is!

Day 4: So many words everywhere, just not in my manuscript!

For 5 days then, I wandered in desert doom. A bit befuddled, disoriented ‒ a little unwell.

Wrote things I was thinking of down.

Was a good professional ‒ worked on editing assignments.

Went to a coffee shop one day, to try and write ‒ but wrote only outlines and plans. Worked out more of the world.

But no actual fiction appeared.

Tendrils of fear whispered: Was it a fluke? Why can’t I just write? Why am I the only one in the world who can’t sustain a writing routine?

Day 9: Totally fed-up, went out for a Sunday movie and dinner.

Such a cute, refreshing watch: Big Hero 6! (Highly recommended!)

Big Hero 6 Image Courtesy : Wikipedia
Big Hero 6
Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

Then on Day 10, I woke up to a head full of story-dreams and myriad imaginings.

And suddenly, my Rackety characters began to talk!

I scurried to my desk, grabbed a few sheets of loose white paper and black pen, and took happy dictation!

Another 500 words! 🙂

It was not a fluke! Yay! 🙂

So, having started (which is in itself a cause for celebration) and progressed a bit; I am content for the time being.

It is going to be an ongoing process but perhaps, like I read in an interview with Samit Basu, I may also not be an every day fiction writer.

Or maybe I could be, but I need more time. I know I have to build towards it.

And now, I am putting on my Editor’s hat with a vengeance. Urgent project to be completed and so on!

So will be back on the NaNoWriMo 2014 circuit only around the 24th again.

Let’s see what the last week brings!

Happy writing and reading guys! 🙂

Read all about this most singular experience in the thread: The NaNoWriMo 2014 Diaries.

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2014 Radhika Style : Day 4 to 23: A Mixed Bag of Longing and Shy Hope

  1. I think that unless you are one of those writers who are blessed (or cursed) with the obsession of writing compulsively that the doing of it will take whatever form and time it will. Perhaps what is really needed is an understanding of our own inner timing, without comparison to others. If you write in fits and starts but over a long period of time it adds up, who’s to say it’s not a writing schedule? Sometimes the unconscious is writing all along… putting all of the pieces together, sorting out the dizzying serendipity of story world that is almost impossible to force. I think the world of publishing – read, the business of publishing – has forced a certain amount of expectation on writing, that it can be done according to deadlines etc. Yes, it can, but sometimes, the best stories need their own gestation time and their own writing timing. I’m of the opinion that writers are the same. Be gentle on yourself. Keep the sword for editing world. It’s no coincidence that our writing tools were originally made of feathers.

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