NaNoWriMo 2014 Radhika Style : Day 3 – The Day of the Tangent

The fresh-scented morning beckons, this day…


Day 2 of NaNoWriMo lasted till dawn today, so it’ll be a short, hopefully sweet, day.

It’s a day in which lots of editing has to be done, alone with writing for Nano. And then there’s grocery shopping and so on, in the evening. Thankfully, lots of pasta left, so no cooking. Will put some cheese on top, make a beet salad and hey, presto-changeo! New-ish meal. Or eat out?

Time management will be so very important. No distractions allowed!


It was a day of almost no sleep (I was so elated at finally writing)!

Internetted some, worked some, made some more notes on Rackety, but what I wrote was a short story. Sad, intense, and filled with obsessive longing! A Flash fiction piece, based on a competition prompt. I wrote it, transcribed it, edited it and sent it off – in one burst of energy!

(There is this one sentence there that I’m really happy with, it shows how my writing has developed. Writing this story was like getting back to the kernel of my writing life!)

Brain’s a celebratory mush now.

Calling it a day.

Day 4 is for getting back on track!

Hope your endeavors are going well! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2014 Radhika Style : Day 3 – The Day of the Tangent

      1. I’m still a bit behind schedule but am happy with my 7444 words at the moment. I’m hoping to catch some more up over the weekend. All I can think about is the story and I keep coming up with so many ideas that I don’t have time to get them all down!

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          1. I saw the email about double the words or double the time spent writing. I think I doubled the time spent on the laptop yesterday but definitely didn’t double the words. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time today to try and catch up a few more chapters. I would love to make it to one of the coffee club write-ins. They sound like a lot of fun. How’s your story coming along?

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            1. Hey Rachel, sorry for replying so late! Hope you are making your word and story goals! I am concentrating on completing an urgent editing assignment right now, but managing to get in a few fictional passages here and there as well! 🙂


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