NaNoWriMo 2014 Radhika Style : Day 2

A mellow sort of day, November 2nd.

Morning : Tried to write, but got totally stuck! Managed to go through my Evernote notes and photo-inspirations for Rackety. So caught up with all of my thoughts and ideas, captured digitally. A stack of handwritten notes from years past still remains.

Brought up a blank Word page, titled it with the name of the book: Rackety and the Beauty Spell (Format: Heading 1, Indigo Ink); then came the name of Chapter 1 (Format: Heading 2, Dark blue ink.) and then…

Format normal, no ink, blank ink, white ink!!

I stared at it for a few minutes, went back to the notes, came back again, but no go. All the versions of the first chapter I had nearly written in my mind flashed through dizzyingly through my brain but no definite tone or current of words emerged. I had no tune I could follow. The blank page won.

Was all this even real? Will this attempt at writing just dissolve away?


Afternoon-Evening: It’s a Sunday, so did not attempt to edit the current book project. In the afternoon, Internetted, saw two videos from the University of Iowa Writing MOOC (How Writers Write: Talks on Craft and Commitment); the second one, was simply excellent! Did a Coursera course (A Brief History of Humankind – fascinating perspective). Buoyed by writing and historical knowledge, logged on to the NaNoWriMo site and saw that my buddies had put up amazing word counts! Was so enthused by that. This was real, other writer’s were sticking to their commitments, and I definitely should as well, right?

The world was seeming to feel ‘right’ again.

Evening plans got cancelled, courtesy my workaholic husband, so the evening was spent happily completing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and finishing up an unbalanced pasta sauce base from Friday. Had warned Ma that will be mostly an SMS daughter in November, but after my tech-challenged mom did not reply to my messages, called until she finally picked up. Had a cosy chat while cutting veggies and pureeing tomatoes. Told her about the lack of progress, described my ideas and said that I was debating the type of beginning. One version was from years ago, very fairy tale-ish, and the other was very ‘today’, begin in the heart of the action, kind of thing; that was just not getting off the ground. Ma’s advice – write both. “Okay,” I said, “let me read out the bit I wrote years ago.”

So from its yellowed paper and black matte ink, ‘Once upon a time…’ I went. I read the two-three lines out to her, while scribbling small edits. Old-fashioned they might be; they had a definite rhythm and character…

Hung-up, finished cooking. And in the in-between time of having finished that pasta dish (an all-in-one veggie, meat, pasta extravaganza) and Niks’ coming home for dinner, on a sudden impulse, I picked-up and read that opening scene, from years past, out loud to myself. Possibilities opened-up. I picked up a pen and in black ball point ink on a frayed, faded page, poured out the first fictional words that had occurred to me in months! Continued after dinner, too! (Energized immensely by some excellent hot, strong milky chai, courtesy Niks.) And left at a good place. I hope to continue with the flow.

The Delicious Pasta that Spurred Me on
The Delicious Pasta that Spurred Me on

Felt so proud of declaring my 500 words on the site! As I said on a NaNo forum:

“I’m just so thrilled to finally get writing, that at this point I’m not worrying about word counts. Just want to thank NaNoWriMo for existing! Otherwise I may have stayed wordless and witless, wandering a wan world, woefully for a few more years! 🙂

It’s 500 or so words [it’s all guesstimate as it’s handwritten] but such a step forward for me!!

I’m definitely going to try and make up the word-count, maybe by doing a few sprints, but for now, I am HAPPY!!”

So leaving Day 2 very happy. 🙂

How about you? How is your writing going?

Is there any way I can help?

Please share thoughts, ideas and even blog post links in the comments below!

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