Anxiety and Anticipation in NaNoWriMo Land

Terror, and trepidation and anticipation and excitement – all these rule my days, in the wait to the start of NaNoWriMo.

In mid-October I decided I was going to ‘do’ NaNoWriMo, this year.

You can read all about it, in this post.

Since then, it’s been pretty emotional. Especially as I’ve gone and announced the book I’ll be working on to the whole world! (Maybe it’ll serve as a point of accountability? Only time will tell.)

Such a mixture of highs and lows! I can’t wait, but not having written this consistently in a long time, I don’t know how I’ll cope. Yet, the thought of diving into this story I’ve been dreaming-up for so many years, is simply delicious! I have so many amazing adventures planned for Rackety, so many quests and tests and so much merriment! 🙂

Sometimes, I think 1st November should just arrive right now (as of posting, it’s a day away), I can’t wait to get started! Then I think, I should plan some more, get the beginning sorted before starting NaNo (don’t worry I won’t include it in the word count), or at least have the whole thing plotted!

And then, fear – will it all fizzle out, when confronted with the actual reality of November? Like all dreamers, I love the fact that I can accomplish anything at all in my mind. The real world though seems a bit drab, a bit of a letdown, sometimes… Too hard, this reality is, it makes dreams dissipate…

What if ‘real-itis’ struck me?

As Perplexed as this Pigeon
As Perplexed as this Pigeon

Or I ran out of steam in a day or two? Or the middle? Or the end? (What if I never ever finished a book in my entire life! *Hyperventilating scream* )

And 1600-2000 words per day!?!

I am a person of compressed thoughts, of a slightly poetic disposition. I usually make 10 words do the work of at least 20. I am going to find the word count hard going! I know that. But like a fellow Wrimo commented on my announcement post, we have to be brave! (Thanks, Carla Doria M.! :))

All I can say for certain is, NaNoWriMo2014 is definitely is going to make me feel like a real writer again. One that has to meet her word count for the day!

What fun! How very wonderful!

So here’s to the awful excitement of starting to write a book.

– A phrase that is amazing in itself!

Write a book. Me?! Awesome!

Let’s do this people! 🙂

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