The One Instant Depression-Buster

Don’t just go quiet and calm to quell the blues. Don’t only meditate and practice mindfulness. What you also need is explosive joy! The kind that breaks through the inertia and all your established patterns of negative thought-spirals.

That’s the quick fix you need to lift the spirits, buoy you up and keep you laughing for days. Your worries will simply melt away. They won’t dare to creep up on you as long as you are insulated with your own brightness.

So do this with me today. Sing with me! Break into an impromptu dance.

I’ve been tip-tapping and humming the whole day today and have not let a single fear in.

To get here was ridiculously simple. It was part serendipity of course and partly my hungry spirit crying out for a specific sort of nourishment.

How did can you do the same, you ask?

Well, if like me you had eschewed T.V or audio-visual entertainment in the last few days, follow this step by – instant audio-visual and immersive – step recipe:

  1. Free-up about 30 minutes when you are alone: Don’t do anything else and don’t have anyone else around
  2. Switch on the TV
  3. Go straight to the music channels
  4. Keep flipping between the channels, only pausing when a song calls out to you
  5. You’ll find yourself laughing, even crying and ultimately dancing
  6. Dance like no one’s watching : No one is, you can just be your natural self

If you find a song(s) that you particularity love, find the song or video online and just play it over and over, so it plays in your mind of its own accord.

On the other hand, if you watch T.V. a lot, this is just going to be more of the same. You are therefore going to have to take some slightly different measures:

  1. Make a playlist of the most freshest, most energetic, most ‘popular’ music that you love – at least 5 tracks
  2. Get it on your phone, MP3 player, music system, or car
  3. Clear that crucial 30 minutes
  4. Make sure you are alone
  5. Blast the music!
  6. Sing along, sway, shuffle, dance!

Keep on listening to the songs till they are entrenched in your mind and bring that instant giggly cheer.

No matter which route you take to immerse yourself in the music, you’ll see in the next few days how the melody and the beat energize and insulate you.

It’s a wonderfully healing thing, music! Just flow with it and let in some delicious light.

P.S: Try and choose simple, rhythmic and popular melodies for this exercise, you’ll find them easier to absorb if you are in a fragile state.

Let me know how it goes, ok?

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