3 Wonderfully Quick and Easy Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes you are so stressed and exhausted that complicated relaxation techniques seem only to add to your burdens. What you want is an instant soothe and I have just the thing for you!

I use these 3 techniques as often as I can and boy do they help!

Here they are:

  • When pressed, the palms and the soles of your feet send relaxing signals to the body. If you have just two minutes, simply apply gentle pressure evenly to the flat of your hands. Time permitting, follow-up with a light foot massage. Almost instantly you should start to feel that deep relaxing breath coursing through your system, calming you down.
  • Play an old favourite song, one you used to love but had almost forgotten. Play it and the wonder of that time when you were intoxicated by this music will flood your mind, make you smile and melt away the current stress. Listen to the song on a loop and in about half an hour the world will look so much better.
  • Cut some aromatic fruit. As simple as that but there are so many benefits. Eating the fruit is healthy, the process of cutting the fruit shifts your attention away from the negatives and most significantly, the aroma of some kinds of fruit is immensely soothing. For me, I just have to smell freshly-cut watermelon or cucumber to zoom to my happy place.

What’s your happy making fruit/song/place/etc.?

Do you have a unique recipe for relaxation?

Please share in comments!

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